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Crucial meeting could expand protection of Antarctic waters

Source: China Dialogue Ocean Author: Fermín Koop Hopes are high this month’s CCAMLR meeting will extend Southern Ocean protection, despite pandemic disruption. Environmental meetings this year have largely been postponed amid the pandemic, but a crucial one remains on the table. Twenty-five countries and the EU will meet online later this month to vote on extending protection of the Southern Ocean.

‘No other choice’: Groups push to protect vast swaths of Antarctic seas

Source: Mongabay Author: Elizabeth Claire Alberts A coalition of conservation groups is advocating for the establishment of three new marine protected areas (MPAs) in East Antarctica, the Antarctic Peninsula and the Weddell Sea, which would encompass 4 million square kilometers (1.5 million square miles) of the Southern Ocean, or 1% of the global ocean. These proposals will be discussed at …

Philippe Cousteau : ”nous envoyons des gens sur la lune et nous ne pouvons pas réparer un navire qui fuit au large des côtes de l’île Maurice, c’est scandaleux !”

Source: Figaro Nautisme. Author: Sophie Liman. Philippe Cousteau Junior, petit-fils du commandant Cousteau et fils du réalisateur Philippe Cousteau, nous raconte son combat pour préserver l’océan, son nouveau projet nommé ANTARCTICA2020 et réagit à la catastrophe écologique qui touche l’Île Maurice.

Филипп Кусто: люди едят рыбу, набитую пластиком

Source: https://ria.ru/ В 2020 году отмечается 200 лет с момента открытия русскими мореплавателями Антарктиды. Если бы не пандемия, этот год должен был стать прорывным в создании заповедных морских территорий на Южном полюсе, однако без очных конференций процесс затормозился. Почему страны должны создать заповедник вместо добычи ресурсов Южного океана, почему все ждут решения России, о том, что в рыбе слишком много …

Protect tomorrow, make history today –  Support the largest act of Ocean protection ever!

Leaders are considering three new marine protected areas in Antarctica. Collectively, the East Antarctic, Weddell Sea and Antarctic Peninsula marine protected areas would protect almost 1% of the Ocean globally- covering almost 4 million km2. Our world is reeling from a combination of the impacts of human encroachment on nature and vapid global leadership. Temperatures on the Antarctic continent are …

Southern Ocean Marine Protected Areas: Why Ambitious Ocean Protection Is Still Possible in 2020

Watch this Deep Dive on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Organised by Ocean Unite and Antarctica2020, this Deep Dive originally aired on June 2nd (2020) as part of the World Economic Forum’s Virtual Ocean Dialogues.

Philippe Cousteau: Our encroachment into nature increases the risk of future pandemics

Source: RT.  Covid-19 has put our economic activity into an induced coma but given the planet a rare chance to take a deep breath. Is it a blessing in disguise, or is it too early to celebrate Earth being given a second chance? We talked about this with the environmental advocate, explorer, filmmaker and Emmy-nominated host and producer, Philippe Cousteau.

From 10% to 30×30 – no time to waste for marine biodiversity

By Virginijus Sinkevicius, for EURACTIV. The EU’s new Biodiversity Strategy will increase the EU’s network of marine protected areas, writes Virginijus Sinkevicius.

Proteger el Océano Austral es indispensable para la salud del océano mundial

Por Philippe Cousteau para EFEVERDE. En 1976, mi abuelo y mi padre navegaron 15.000 kms con el Calypso desde Mónaco hasta la Antártida. Descubrieron allí la majestad intacta del continente blanco. Desde entonces mi abuelo jugó un papel crucial en la campaña que llevó a la creación del Protocolo de Protección Ambiental del Tratado Antártico. Ahora, casi tres décadas después, …

On the Edge – Lewis Pugh

Watch a new short film “On The Edge: Lewis Pugh”. The film shows the lengths to which this incredible man goes to bring the world’s attention to his biggest passion, our planet’s ocean.