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Olivier Poivre D’Arvor, French Ambassador for Polar and Marine issues Call On CCAMLR

French Ambassador for Polar and Marine issues Olivier Poivre D’Arvor recording for the Call on CCAMLR campaign.

Creating the world’s largest marine protected area

Source: Marine & Oceans By Geneviève Pons, Directrice générale et Vice-Présidente d’Europe Jacques Delors, Ambassadrice d’Antarctica 2020 Director General and Vice-President of Europe Jacques Delors, Antarctica 2020’s Champion

Ensuring historic protection of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean in 2021

Source: Politico – Open Letter Author: Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition President von der Leyen must play a leading role in protecting large areas of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean, demonstrating her commitment to global action to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises

Now more than ever, we are all responsible for the Antarctic

Source: Adobe EN & FR Oped by Isabelle autissier, Honorary president, WWF France & Olivier Poivre d’Arvor, French Ambassador for the Poles and Maritime Issues France is about to host and lead the 43rd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) from June 14 to 24. The treaty’s 54 parties will gather to consider questions of common concern regarding the Antarctic and …


Source: forumspb.com The recent disruption to maritime routes underscored just how much global trade depends on uninterrupted shipping operations. Indeed, it will be crucial for major logistics projects such as the Northern Sea Route and International North–South Transport Corridor. Leading maritime nations are taking steps to develop offshore projects and build trade fleets and tankers. In order to effectively capitalize …

Why do we need to protect Antarctica?

Source: Russian Geographical Society A lecture given by Philippe Cousteauon the 23rd April for the Russian Geographical Society “Why do we need to protect Antarctica?” can be found here in Russian. Please follow the link to watch it in full.

Pascal Lamy: Chinese Leadership Needed to Protect Antarctica’s Southern Ocean

Source: Caixin . Author: Pascal Lamy. A year has passed since I published a piece in Caixin highlighting the opportunity for China to take leadership in 2020 on climate and biodiversity protection in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean. Since then, the year did not unfold quite as planned (to put it lightly). Many of us are still in the grips of this global pandemic …

Enfin une aire marine protégée pour l’est de l’Antarctique ?

Source: Techniques de l’Ingénieur Author: Matthieu Combe La députée Frédérique Tuffnell (Modem) veut faire avancer le sujet de la protection de l’Océan Austral. Elle organisait le 12 mars une conférence en ligne réunissant députés, scientifiques et diplomates pour aboutir à la création d’une aire marine protégée dans l’Est de l’Océan Antarctique en 2021.

Océan. 2021, une année critique pour l’Antarctique

Source: Ouest France Author: Stéphane Gallois Députés, diplomates et scientifiques conjuguent leurs efforts pour faire progresser la protection de l’océan Austral.

CCAMLR: Leaders Miss Another Opportunity to Protect the Seas of Antarctica

Available in Spanish, French, Russian and German Meeting closes with no designation of critical Marine Protected Areas and turns a blind eye to illegal fishing in its waters October 30th, 2020: Today the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) concluded its 39th annual meeting, which took place virtually with a restricted agenda. CCAMLR’s mandate includes protecting Antarctic …