CCAMLR 2021: Another Missed Opportunity to Protect Antarctica

CCAMLR 2021: Another Missed Opportunity to Protect Antarctica

29th October 2021


Antarctica2020 is a group of influencers from the world of sport, politics, business, media and science, that are building support for the full and effective protection of the Southern Ocean, through the establishment of a network of large-scale marine protected areas in this unique and important wilderness.

Quotes from A2020 members

“CCAMLR Members have again failed to reach consensus on protection of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean, undermining their credibility as custodians of this invaluable marine habitat.  Faced with the existential threat of the climate and biodiversity emergency, leaders must show they have the capacity to act, and overcome whatever obstacles remain to secure the further protection of Antarctica’s Ocean.” Geneviève Pons, Director General of Europe Jacques Delors and Pascal Lamy, President Paris Peace Forum & Former Director-General of the World Trade Organization, co-leaders Antarctica2020

“This is a knock-back for Australia that has backed a proposal to protect the East Antarctic for 10 years already. While meeting and negotiating virtually will always be a challenge, we’d hoped with all the pressure by citizens worldwide on countries to deliver change, there would have been a shift towards positive action this year at CCAMLR rather than procrastination.” Robert Hill, Former Australian Senator and Minister of Environment

 “With just a couple of days until a major UN conference on climate starting in Glasgow, the fact that countries still were unable to agree on protecting vital Antarctic Ocean areas, is a major blow to climate action. This extra protection would have provided refuge for wildlife and help build resilience to climate change. This a really sad day for the planet. Leaders need to do much more to ensure agreement as soon as possible to protect this pristine icy wilderness”. Lewis Pugh, endurance swimmer and United Nations Patron of the Oceans

 “Congratulations, CCAMLR! If your goal is to do your part to accelerate climate disruption and biodiversity loss, bravo! Never before has the need for protecting life in the Southern Ocean been more obvious nor more urgent.  Missing the chance to shift from harming to healing Antarctica’s living ocean indicates that it might be time to let the whales make the rules.” Sylvia Earle, scientist, explorer and Founder Mission Blue