Pascal Lamy: China Must Take Leadership on Protecting the Environment

Source: Caixin Global. By Pascal Lamy – The global Covid-19 pandemic has paralyzed our way of life, causing hardship, misery and suffering the world over. It has shown how vulnerable our economic system is to these kinds of shockwaves and highlighted the undeniable link between biodiversity and climate crises.

Time for leadership on the Southern Ocean

Alexandra Cousteau, Philippe Cousteau – Right now, we are all focused on protecting ourselves, our families and our communities from an unprecedented, invisible threat. This crisis has reminded us how important it is to safeguard what’s truly essential, and that should include our planet.

Uniting for Ocean Protection

Source and Author: Lewis Pugh.  Swimming is a solitary pursuit. It’s just you and the water. Yet preparing for a swim in Antarctica is anything but a solitary endeavour. Aside from the physical preparation, there are expedition logistics and planning, honing campaign messaging, and the quiet, considered diplomacy that brings about real results. I don’t just swim for the love …

The Road to Glasgow

Source and Author: Lewis Pugh.  I’m standing on a desolate beach on the Isle of Lewis. The sea is steely grey. My feet are freezing on the sand and the wind is so strong I have to shout to be heard by my training partner Max, standing just a meter away. It’s perfect. The sea quickly finds you out if …

Ocean Protection is a Responsibility We Can’t Ignore

Source: Virgin Unite. Author: Geneviève Pons. Antarctica is a truly special place. Not only because of its immense icy beauty and amazing wildlife, but as a shining symbol of the power of countries working together for the common good.

La France plaide pour une réserve marine en Antarctique

Source: Le Figaro. By: Marc Cherki. À Hobart, 25 pays et l’Union européenne négocient une aire de près d’un million de km2 dans la zone orientale. Peu à peu, les membres de la Convention pour la conservation de la faune et la flore marines de l’Antarctique (CCAMLR) essaient de tisser un réseau d’aires protégées au pôle Sud, dans l’océan Austral. …